Lucy's Cupcakes

Food Lovers Welcome

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Make your taste buds feel alive

Here at Lucy's Cupcakes we value flavor and quality over everything else.

We believe food should be fun as well as tasty, so we hope our recipes raise a smile.

You'll find new flavors waiting for you in our menu, plus some delicious takes on old favorites.

Feeling hungry?
Tuck in!


Our Favorites

Who Are We?

The story behind the cupcakes

We may be called Lucy's Cupcakes, but there's a whole team behind the name that makes our delicious brand possible.
We're a family held together by icing, cookie dough, and a passion for cupcakes above everything else.

Come and meet the team to learn about how Lucy's Cupcakes got cooked up into existence, and how far we've come over the last 3 years.
  • New York, NY, USA